Inaugural Post!

by Christina

Hello and welcome to our brand new travel blog!  As of this writing it is clearly still under construction, so please bear with us as we get it set up.  Our goal for this blog is to post on a roughly weekly basis about our adventures, as well as share our current and projected whereabouts.

The rough current plan is to leave Washington, DC on June 2 and kick off with a month long US road trip visiting with friends in various cities on the East Coast and South, ending our domestic leg in Texas.  There we will sell the car and make our way to Monterrey, Mexico for a few weeks then proceed south, with a total of 6 months planned for Central and South America.

Yes, we do have a rough schedule/itinerary, and you will be able to find that on the “Where & When” tab once we are fully operational.  Please consider us to be a roving travel destination!  If you’re itching to do some international travel, and it looks like we’ll be located someplace you’re interested in visiting, let us know!  We’ll cook something up!

We are sad to leaving, and we will miss our friends and neighbors dearly, but don’t worry!  We plan to be back to the DC area in early 2019.